The year is coming to and end and it’s time to reflect on all the photos taken in 2014. It was a very productive year for me and it was hard to select 21 best shots of the season. The focus is on landscapes, rural scenes and nature with one exception of the shot from Ljubljana, my hometown.

Smrečje in winterJanuary: A farmhouse on a winter morning at Smrečje village. Never expected to get this shot, was going for a scenic view nearby, but it was in fog, so driving around I happened to be at the right place at the right time. 

Struška planina, Karavanke

February: Struška range, Karavanke Alps. Another sunrise that didn’t go according to plans (and weather forecasts). With Miro, my usual companion on mountain adventures, we climbed Struška for sunrise only to find out the peak is wrapped in clouds. This gave us incredible scenes later, when sun started to break through.

Lake Bohinj in snow

February: Lake Bohinj – always beautiful and always unexpected photographic opportunities. This is late afternoon just after the snow has stopped falling. I must have been the only person there.

Škrlatica and Triglav

February: Škrlatica and Triglav, the two highest peaks of Slovenia. Shot was taken while flying over Julian Alps for sunset light. See more photos here.

Fritillary (logarica, močvirski tulipan)

March: Fritillary defying morning frost.  One of the first flowers that pop out after a long winter, they are always appreciated.

Ljubljana old town

May: Ljubljana old town. This is one of the classic views of Ljubljana. I have photographed it from Nebotičnik cafe many times, this panorama is one of my best shots. love the gentle colors of the city and sky that match perfectly.

Orchard at Lake Bled

May: Apple tree orchard, photographed at a small village near Lake Bled. This is typical Slovenian countryside, orchard and a pasture at the same time. Sunrise.

Sprint pasture in Slovenia

May: Gorenjska region. Soft morning light, mists, meadow flowers, grazing cow, a beautiful photo. 

Lepenjica river, Triglav national park

June: Lepenjica river, Julian Alps. This river is such a jewel! While Soča might be very busy in the season, Lepenjica remains wild and quiet. Except for an occasional  fly-fisherman going for a marble trout there is hardly any people there. 

Križna gora near Škofja Loka

July: Sunrise at Križna gora. Yes, I know, another hilltop church, but this is one of the best things about Slovenia 🙂 Ana, my dear friend and fellow photographer joined me at this trip. Check out her wonderful portfolio!

Julian Alps panorama

August: Panorama of the highest peaks of Julian Alps. Visible peaks: Rjavina, Razor, Triglav, Planja, Kanjavec, Lepo Špičje.

Starry night in Julian Alps

August: Night in the Alps. A view from the top of Prisojnik (Prisank) towards Triglav.

Julian Alps in Summer

September: Hopping around Julian Alps. One of my favorite shots of the Alps of all times. I donated a print to my high school – Gimnazija Šentvid and the 3,5m print on the wall looks fantastic!

Soča river

October: A water curtain at Soča river, Triglav National Park.

Soča river

October: Fall is the best month to photograph in the Alps. Soča river with its emerald color and warm foliage colors make a great combination. 

Views from Plački stolp

October: A rural scene from the NE Slovenia. Photo taken from Plački tower, the location known because of beautiful photos of Peter Zajfrid.

Košuta, Karavanke Alps

November: Košuta ridge bordering Slovenia (right) and Austria (left). Photo taken from Veliki Vrh, looking towards East. The whole ridge is about 9km long – a wonderful hiking with stunning view on both countries.

Misty forest at Karavanke

November: Sweet light breaking through spruce forest on the slopes of Košuta. This and previous shot was taken on the same day, when Jošt, another talented photographer joined me for a cold night climb in the Alps. 

Sveti Tomaž and Kamnik-Savinja Alps

December: St Tomaž church at Praprotno village. This amazing location was shown to me by Piotr, Polish photographer living in Slovenia. A very popular photo lately, breaking all the records in views and shares on social media. for a reason – it is stunning scenery!

Praprotno village

December: Winter morning somewhere in Slovenia. This photo was taken from Vrh Svetih treh kraljev near Rovte. A couple of days ago I was pleasantly surprised that Lonely Planet has shared this photo on twitter – to 2 mln followers! I am pretty sure it will become a very popular place with photographers very soon.

Triglav peak in winter

December: Triglav Almighty. My dear friend, very talented photographer Dan Briški took me to his secret places on the slopes of Pihavec. It was strenuous 15 hour endeavor, well worth as we ended up with incredible light at the end of the day! 

I hope you like the collection of my favorite shots. You are most welcome to share, in fact I will appreciate this very much. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter where I post regularly. You can also join me on my photography tours and workshops in Slovenia or Croatia.

Thank you and all the best in 2015!