Hi, my name is Luka Esenko and I am a landscape and nature photographer when at home in Slovenia and an avid travel photographer when on the road. Spending time in nature and travelling are my two biggest passions and I like to combine them with photography. 

A nice way to meet me is to watch my vlogs on YT… Hi there!

Since 2008 I have been leading photography tours and workshops in Slovenia as well as further afield. My business has led me to collaborate with internationally renowned photographers such as Jonathan Chritchley, Sean Bagshaw, Jeremy Woodhouse, Deborah Sandidge, Marc Muench, Joe Van Os, John Shaw, Daniel Cox, Jim Zuckerman and Tom Bol to name just a few. 

My work has been featured in National Geographic, in various books, photography magazines, travel guides and online media and is regularly sought after by the Slovene, Ljubljana and Croatian Tourist Boards. 

I am also a tech geek and love gadgets, apps and all things digital. Maybe this is the reason I ventured into the mobile apps industry and have co-founded PhotoHound, an online community for travel and landscape photographers. 

Ljubljana is my home town, where I live with my wife Neja, and our young boys Brin and Fran, all of them have embraced the spirit of a photographer’s life on the go and often accompany me on my travels.

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