Wonderful spring in Goriska Brda

Couple of weeks ago I spend three days in Goriška Brda with my family. It was the cherry blossom season and Brda region has the best cherries in Slovenia. We stayed at Kabaj Morel winery, where they make some of the world’s best wines, not to mention wonderful home cooked food! During the day we were visiting Brda’s towns, Šmartno, Kojsko, Dobrovo, the ruined village of Slapnik and the Sabotin peak.  The cherry blossoms were at their peak and I spent both evenings and mornings pursuing photography. 

Vineyards and Šmartno townŠmartno town as seen from Kojsko.

Sunset colours at Goriška BrdaApple trees silhouetted against sunset sky.

Šmartno town at sunsetŠmartno and burning sky.

Spring at Goriška BrdaVineyards around Gornje Cerovo.

Spring at Goriška BrdaSpring scenery around Ceglo.

Spring at Goriška BrdaThis is probably my favorite shot from this trip.

Medana townDetail from Medana

Blossoming Cherry treesCherry blossoms.

Blossoming Cherry treesCherry tree grove.

Blossoming Cherry treesNice morning light.

Spring at Goriška BrdaScenery near Medana. Can you find a cat?

Views to Cerovo village and San FlorianoViews of the Goriška Brda region.

It was lovely three days and I got the perfect timing with cherry trees. It was almost too easy getting nice shots. Next time I return to this beautiful place is going to be autumn when leaves start to turn. Until then a few bottles of Kabaj morel excellent wines will remind me of the good times! 🙂


4 Comments Wonderful spring in Goriska Brda

    1. rudi gabriel

      dear valter ! Please tell us – when do the blossoms flourish in your region ?? – we like to see the cherry blossom !


      rudi + ulli – vienna

  1. HHK

    Hi, may I know when cherry blossoms usually in peak in Goriska Brda? Is it end March, early April or mid April? THank you.


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