Festive Ljubljana in photos

Ljubljana, my hometown is a wonderful city. I really enjoy going to the Old town, it is about 20 min walk from my home. Usually the city is the most pleasant during the Summer season, somewhere between May till end of September, when the streets of old town are the liveliest. But one of the best times to visit the city is in December, when the so called “Merry December” festivities take place. The old town is beautifully  decorated and there are all sorts of stands selling everything from mulled wine to Christmas presents.

This year I decided to photograph the old town “properly”. To get these shots I was out with my camera four mornings and four evenings I didn’t count the mulled wine… It was fun, seeing my town as a tourist, trying to get the best shots with new angles and not to repeat what others have done before. I also met a lot of friends which was very cool.   Festive Ljubljana
Festive LjubljanaTwo different views on Presern square. From a frog’s and bird’s point of view:)

Festive LjubljanaPresern, our most famous poet and his muse.

Festive LjubljanaAt the triple bridge. Since it is closed for traffic it became main promenade. Nice.

Festive Ljubljana

Ljubljana castle as seen from Zvezda park.

Festive Ljubljana

Presern square – always full of life.Festive Ljubljana
Festive LjubljanaTriple bridge and Ljubljanica river with cathedral at the back. One of the best sunrises I’ve seen in Ljubljana ever!

Festive Ljubljana

Robba fountain and the city hall.

Festive Ljubljana

City Hall.

Festive Ljubljana

A view on Ljubljana castle from the tower.

Festive Ljubljana

Yes, this year we even got snow in December! It didn’t last for very long as the city cleaned streets in no time and the wind blew it off the trees. Well, this shot is all I needed:)

And here are two “bonus” images:

Festive Ljubljana

The “official” mug for mulled wine. It makes a nice souvenir and since I don’t drink mulled wine at home it has a new role now – a bird feeder!

Festive LjubljanaWell, this is not December any more, but still fits to the rest of the photos – New Year’s fireworks from Ljubljana castle – my first shot for 2015!

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Thank you and all the best in 2015!

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21 Comments Festive Ljubljana in photos

  1. Mojca

    Excellent photos! The sunrise with the fishmarket building – awesome! I have always loved Ljubljana in the early morning hours.

  2. Suzana

    I just love your photos! One question, which white balance do you use when you take long exposure photos?

    1. Luka

      Thanks Suzana! For the blie light photos I usually set the WB manually in post production. Shooting in AWB and then experimenting which will work best. Usually is tungsten or fluorescent with small adjustments.

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    4. http://www./

      a2 29 octobre 200864 113Très très beau.Pis pour la fin tristoune, bah y’a des moments où on ne peut pas s’empecher d’avoir le vin triste… c’est bien légitime

  3. Mateja

    Ob teh čudovitih fotografijah še toliko bolj pogrešam Ljubljano. Najlepše mesto zame. Hvala za fotografije; če ne živiš v Sloveniji, ti take fotografije polepšajo dan. 🙂

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