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Photographing in Dolomites, Italy

I always loved to travel and photograph. One of the aspects I like the most is to discover new places and new experiences. As a photographer I sometimes struggle to find suitable places to go. All regular tourist travel guides (Lonely Planet, Bradt Guides etc) or platforms (Tripadvisor, Google maps or Insporock) don’t really offer much value to photographers. Instagram or 500px offer more of inspirational experience but where can a travel photographer find photo spots?

I always spent several hours researching best photography locations at the chosen destination. This lead me to a decision to do something about it. A few years ago I started with photography guides app called Snapp Guides. It received a very positive feedback and we grew our user base to over 10k registered users. We soon realised that we need a faster and more inclusive way to grow good quality content. My partner Jules and I invited one of our contributors, a talented photographer and expert web developer Mathew to join our small team. We immediately started with building a brand new platform, so different from existing app that we decided to rebrand.

Rower's Promenade at Lake Bled photo spot
Rower’s Promenade at Lake Bled © Luka Esenko. For more Slovenia photo spots, visit PhotoHound.

The result, two years in the making is PhotoHound – a community where everyone can share their favourite photo spots and each contribution is carefully curated by the editors. This allows only good quality of spots to be added and only spots that comply with Responsible Photography guidelines and Nature First principles.

Gradinsko Lake  photo spot
Gradinsko Lake © Luka Esenko. For more Croatia photo spots, visit PhotoHound.

Unlike some other websites and apps that provide information on photo locations, PhotoHound pledges to give back a large part of its revenue to a team of selected contributors and to chosen charity causes. If you are interested in becoming a PhotoHound Pro, follow these guidelines.

Mt Shkhara and  Lamaria Monastery photo spot
Mt Shkhara and Lamaria Monastery © Luka Esenko. For more Georgia photo spots, visit PhotoHound.

Everybody can register and contribute at PhotoHound. At the moment the registration is free for everyone. Once PhotoHound gets its mobile version with offline functionality there will be Free and Plus memberships. More about this later, when due.

So here it is. PhotoHound! I would love to hear from you what you think. Leave a comment below or drop me an email. Thanks!

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