Photographer’s guide to purchasing DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse X7

After my last article reviewing the quality of still images of Zenmuse X7 camera many people were asking me questions about buying this setup.

Buying the Inspire 2 and Zenmuse x7 camera is a huge investment. While smaller consumer drone like Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 will cost you between 1,300€-2,000€, the I2+ZX7 system can easily cost 10-times more.

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DJI Zenmuse x7 — A photographer’s first impressions

This review focuses on photographer’s perspective, with sample still images rather than video. At the bottom there is a link to full size, unedited RAW files you can download and review yourself.

As a landscape photographer I always look for vantage points, elevated views, try to avoid those branches (or power lines) getting into the frame. I also love aerial photography but haven’t done it much for two reasons, costs and the fact that arranging the flight is not really straight-forward.

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