Anticrepuscular Rays – Anti what?

 Anticrepuscular rays behind Mt Antelao (the second highest peak of Italian Dolomites)
Anticrepuscular rays behind Mt Antelao (the second highest peak of Italian Dolomites)

Recently I led a photography workshop in Italian Dolomites with Marc Muench from Muench Workshops. One of the evenings we were treated with most beautiful conditions one can imagine, heavy storm with dark clouds, followed by a rainbow, anticrepuscular rays and amazing sunset colours.

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Personal favourite photos of Slovenia 2018

Last year was very productive for me in terms of photography. Beside many workshops and outings with friends I went out on my own a lot and this year also with a drone.

Because of injuries and lack of time I had to put mountaineering on a side track. Hopefully more of high altitudes in 2019!

Unlike last years, when I posted most popular photos of the year, I am posting my personal favourites of Slovenia. Because of this I would appreciate your comments even more. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the photos!

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Photographer’s guide to purchasing DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse X7

After my last article reviewing the quality of still images of Zenmuse X7 camera many people were asking me questions about buying this setup.

Buying the Inspire 2 and Zenmuse x7 camera is a huge investment. While smaller consumer drone like Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 will cost you between 1,300€-2,000€, the I2+ZX7 system can easily cost 10-times more.

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DJI Zenmuse x7 — A photographer’s first impressions

This review focuses on photographer’s perspective, with sample still images rather than video. At the bottom there is a link to full size, unedited RAW files you can download and review yourself.

As a landscape photographer I always look for vantage points, elevated views, try to avoid those branches (or power lines) getting into the frame. I also love aerial photography but haven’t done it much for two reasons, costs and the fact that arranging the flight is not really straight-forward.

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SNAPP Guides preview

We are developing destination guides app for photographers. If you ever wondered where that beautiful photo was taken from or were you looking for inspiration where to go to shoot, this is THE app for you! Check out our website for more info: SNAPP Guides. Subscribe to the updates and be the first one to know when released!

Here are a few screenshots to give you a better idea on what to expect:

Snapp Guides Snapp Guides Snapp Guides Snapp Guides

Once again, visit our SNAPP Guides and subscribe with your email – we will be releasing new information soon together with some treats for early users!

Croatia a little bit differently

A few days ago we finished a photography tour to Croatia. May is wonderful time to be there and we also had great photography opportunities. The group was wonderful, we had lots of fun and also lots of wine – I guess these two go well together. This was also my first time to work with Dan and Tanya, the owners of Natural Exposures photography tours. They are both very professional, well organized and above all very nice people. They run tours all around the world, focusing on nature ad wildlife and I do recommend them from my heart!

Here are a few photos from the tour – this time no classic shots or grand scenery that you see in promotional publications all the time. 

Dubrovnik garden from above

Typical street in Dubrovnik. Photographed while walking around the city walls. Recommended, great views all along the way. Continue reading