Cave photography workshop

A unique opportunity to learn creative lighting techniques in a spectacular environment.

This unforgettable photographic trip is designed for smaller groups and for the more adventurous nature photographer. It starts with the exploration of the Krizna jama. As you embark on a rubber raft across the 13 underground lakes fully equipped with caving gear you will feel like a true explorer! Photographic tuition will be provided by a professional speleologist and photographer who will also ensure your safety.

On a half day workshop we will visit the first underground lake which is about a 20 minute walk into the cave. The focus will be on light-painting techniques, macro photography and we can try our luck with falling water drops.

On a full day workshop we will venture beyond the first lake and spend at least four hours underground walking (and boating). This trip requires a good level of fitness and is limited to four visitors per day.

Since Krizna jama is situated in a beautiful area known for its pristine nature and disappearing Cerknica lake it is worth staying longer. Based at a small, pleasant hotel, friendly farmhouse or at horse ranch there are several activities you can choose from. Hiking in the nearby hills for wonderful views, cycling around Cerknica lake, horseback riding, canoeing, bear photography in the Notranjska forests, excellent birding around Cerknica lake and much more!

Cave photography is very technical. It requires special techniques and team work. You will learn how to set up lights for the right exposure and how to create interesting shadows. Painting with light is another interesting way of making photos and you can try your luck with catching water drops at the moment they hit the stalagmite.

What kind of equipment is recommended for cave photography?

A sturdy tripod, wide-angle and macro lenses and a flash (preferably a separate flash unit). Lighting equipment (speedlights or professional flashlights) will be provided upon request.

Bring warm clothes, a fleece jacket, warm socks (two pairs), comfortable trousers – the temperature inside the cave is 8 degrees Celsius (46°F) all year round.

Caving equipment will be provided before entering the cave (rubber boots, caving suit, a helmet and flash lights).

Cave access depends on weather conditions. After periods of heavy rain the water in the cave can rise above its normal level, which can make trips beyond the first lake impossible. In this case an alternative itinerary will be arranged.

Tour details

All year round
(Winter is best)

Contact us for a direct quote.

Half day / Full day

Group size
1 – 3 guests

Difficulty level
We will spend a decent amount of time walking and rowing in the cave. On a full day workshop we can stay in the cave 4-6 hours. There is uneven terrain in the cave and we need to be very careful with our step not to damage fragile environment.

Please contact us by email with questions relating to this tour (itinerary, accommodation,..).

Photography leaders

Luka EsenkoLuka Esenko

Slovenia is Luka’s home and there is no one who would know photo locations more intimately. With his experience and expertise even the worst weather will not prevent you getting great shots. Read more…


Dan BriškiDan Briski

Dan is an expert outdoor photographer. His work regularly appears in exhibitions at home and abroad and has received several prizes at international salons of photography. Read more…




fredshipleFred Shiple, Ohio, USA

The learning environment was both challenging and supportive. I made more progress relative to photo composition under Luka’s guidance than I had done in any previous workshop. He literally changed and improved my way of looking at the world.


testimonial_debbie_watson-150x150Debbie Watson, Brisbane, Australia

With his passion and natural teaching ability, Luka helped me improve my skill, knowledge and photography dramatically during this trip. I feel privileged to have met Luka and I look forward to planning my next trip through the Balkans with him.


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