Slovenia in 2015 – Highlights in photos

It’s this time of the year again, when we look back what was going on through the year and wonder how quickly it passed.

Like last year (See here) I made a selection of my best photos of Slovenia, this time a bit differently. Hope you will like it and start planning to visit my beautiful country. Continue reading Slovenia in 2015 – Highlights in photos

Croatia a little bit differently

A few days ago we finished a photography tour to Croatia. May is wonderful time to be there and we also had great photography opportunities. The group was wonderful, we had lots of fun and also lots of wine – I guess these two go well together. This was also my first time to work with Dan and Tanya, the owners of Natural Exposures photography tours. They are both very professional, well organized and above all very nice people. They run tours all around the world, focusing on nature ad wildlife and I do recommend them from my heart!

Here are a few photos from the tour – this time no classic shots or grand scenery that you see in promotional publications all the time. 

Dubrovnik garden from above

Typical street in Dubrovnik. Photographed while walking around the city walls. Recommended, great views all along the way. Continue reading Croatia a little bit differently

Wonderful spring in Goriska Brda

Couple of weeks ago I spend three days in Goriška Brda with my family. It was the cherry blossom season and Brda region has the best cherries in Slovenia. We stayed at Kabaj Morel winery, where they make some of the world’s best wines, not to mention wonderful home cooked food! During the day we were visiting Brda’s towns, Šmartno, Kojsko, Dobrovo, the ruined village of Slapnik and the Sabotin peak.  The cherry blossoms were at their peak and I spent both evenings and mornings pursuing photography. 

Vineyards and Šmartno townŠmartno town as seen from Kojsko. Continue reading Wonderful spring in Goriska Brda

Festive Ljubljana in photos

Ljubljana, my hometown is a wonderful city. I really enjoy going to the Old town, it is about 20 min walk from my home. Usually the city is the most pleasant during the Summer season, somewhere between May till end of September, when the streets of old town are the liveliest. But one of the best times to visit the city is in December, when the so called “Merry December” festivities take place. The old town is beautifully  decorated and there are all sorts of stands selling everything from mulled wine to Christmas presents.

This year I decided to photograph the old town “properly”. To get these shots I was out with my camera four mornings and four evenings I didn’t count the mulled wine… It was fun, seeing my town as a tourist, trying to get the best shots with new angles and not to repeat what others have done before. I also met a lot of friends which was very cool.   

Festive Ljubljana
Festive Ljubljana
Two different views on Presern square. From a frog’s and bird’s point of view:) Continue reading Festive Ljubljana in photos

21 best photos of Slovenia in 2014

The year is coming to and end and it’s time to reflect on all the photos taken in 2014. It was a very productive year for me and it was hard to select 21 best shots of the season. The focus is on landscapes, rural scenes and nature with one exception of the shot from Ljubljana, my hometown.

Smrečje in winterJanuary: A farmhouse on a winter morning at Smrečje village. Never expected to get this shot, was going for a scenic view nearby, but it was in fog, so driving around I happened to be at the right place at the right time.  Continue reading 21 best photos of Slovenia in 2014

Wine, heart, mists and photography

After a long workshops season I took my family to the wine region of NE Slovenia. We spent two nights at Valdhuber winery on a recommendation of my friend Miha from Slotrips. Valdhuber winery has three brand new apartments – a unique combination of modern design and wood. The location is perfect to explore the surrounding Svečina wine area plus they produce excellent wines and hearty food – Diana’s chicken stew was one of the best I’ve ever tried! 

Špičnik heart roadEven though this was a family holiday my camera gear was with me. I planned to photograph for sunset and sunrise and the rest will be family time. Luckily the area is small, the roads good (but confusing) so I was on locations quickly. Of course the first thing to photograph was the famous “heart” road at Špičnik.  Continue reading Wine, heart, mists and photography